Wairoa River (Northland)

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Northland's Wairoa-Wairua River system

New Zealand's longest Wairoa River runs for 150 kilometres through the northern part of the North Auckland Peninsula. In the upper reaches, the river is formed from two separate rivers, the Mangakahia River and the Wairua River. The two streams meet to the northeast of Dargaville, becoming the Wairoa. It is the longest river in the Northland Region.

Wairoa River near Dargaville

The river flows from here firstly southwest (as far as Dargaville) and then southeast for 40 kilometres in a wide navigable estuary which flows into the northern end of the Kaipara Harbour. For most of its length, this river is tidal.

The river is sometimes referred to as "The Northern Wairoa River".

Coordinates: 36°11′05″S 174°03′30″E / 36.1846°S 174.0583°E / -36.1846; 174.0583