Wait 'til You're Older

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Wait 'til You're Older
Wait 'til You're Older.jpg
Directed by Teddy Chan
Produced by Teddy Chan
Cheung Chi-Gwong
Written by Chan Suk-Yin
Starring Andy Lau,
Karen Mok,
Felix Wong,
Feng Xiaogang,
Cherrie Ying,
Gordon Lam,
Li Bingbing
Distributed by Media Asia Distribution Ltd.
Release dates
  • 29 September 2005 (2005-09-29) (Hong Kong)
Running time
89 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office $2,577,734 (Hong Kong)[1]

Wait 'til You're Older (simplified Chinese: 童梦奇缘; traditional Chinese: 童夢奇緣; pinyin: Tóng Mèng Qí Yuán) is a 2005 Hong Kong fantasy comedy drama film directed by Teddy Chan and starring Andy Lau.


Kwong (Howard Sit) is a young boy who lives with his father (Felix Wong) and stepmother (Karen Mok). He blames his stepmother for the suicide of his mother 3 years earlier and continually runs away from home. One day, while walking to school, he meets an eccentric old man (Feng Xiaogang) in the park who accidentally pours a magic potion he has created down a drain. The next day, a huge tree has grown from a seedling in the drain. Kwong goes to the man's house and steals the potion, falling and breaking it as he tries to run away. Some of the potion enters a cut in his hand, and the next day he wakes up to find he has grown to the age of 20 overnight. Kwong (Andy Lau) is thrilled that he has become an adult and is able to finally run away from home without being recognized. As he gets older each day, he learns more about being an adult and about the situations of those around him.


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  • Big, a 1988 fantasy-comedy film about a boy who makes a wish "to be big".


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