Wait Till Next Year

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Wait Till Next Year
First edition
AuthorWilliam Goldman
Mike Lupica
CountryUnited States
PublisherBantam Books
Publication date

Wait Till Next Year is a 1988 memoir by Mike Lupica and William Goldman.

Lupica and Goldman had been friends for thirty years when Lupica suggested to Goldman they collaborate on a book together, from his point of view and Goldman's point of view. Goldman:

I wanted to be a sports columnist when I was a kid and then I learned more about what they did for a living and I decided I didn't want to do it. You have to go see all that shit. It's fun to go to a ball game occasionally. What was great, the year I did the book with Lupica, was I had press passes so I could go sit with all those people whose columns I read and watch a baseball game or a football game or a basketball game.[1]

Goldman says they would do alternate chapters. "I would eventually show him what I had and he would show me what he had but for the most part, we kept away from each other. We'd talk all the time."[2]

Goldman says the book "was a total flop - it didn't work commercially - but it was a wonderful time for me."[3]


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