Waiting for Daylight (Infernal album)

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Waiting for Daylight
Waiting for Daylight.jpg
Studio album by Infernal
Released 2000
Genre Trance, euro house, downtempo
Length 51:54
Label FLEX
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Waiting for Daylight
Singles from Waiting for Daylight
  1. "Serengeti"
    Released: 2000
  2. "Sunrise"
    Released: 2000
  3. "Muzaik"
    Released: 2001

Waiting for Daylight is the third album and second studio album by the Danish dance/pop act Infernal, released in 2000 in Denmark. It was later released as Muzaik in 2001, with a more pop music-oriented sound and a few bonus tracks.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro: Serengeti" (Bliss mix) Paw Lagermann, Lina Rafn, De La Ray, Moses Malone Infernal 5:05
2. "Serengeti" Lagermann, Rafn, De La Ray, Malone Infernal, De La Ray 3:46
3. "Sunrise" Tim Christensen, Lagermann, Rafn, De La Ray, Adam Powers Infernal, Ali Movasat (co.) 3:34
4. "Turkish Bizarre" Lagermann, Rafn, Kawkab Hamza Infernal 3:55
5. "Humbled by Nature" Lagermann, Rafn, Powers, Malone Infernal 4:39
6. "Living Under Water" Lagermann, Rafn, Malone Infernal 4:33
7. "Muzaik" Lagermann, Rafn, Oriental Mood Infernal 3:37
8. "Adeel" Lagermann, Rafn, Malone Infernal 3:32
9. "Electric Midnight" Lagermann, Rafn, Malone Infernal 3:28
10. "Desert Poem" Lagermann, Rafn, Ray, Hamza Infernal, De La Ray 3:39
11. "Mizkett" Lagermann, Rafn Infernal 4:08


Name Released Writer Producer Chart position
"Serengeti" 2000 #? (Denmark)
"Serengeti" is the first single from the album.
"Sunrise" 2000 Tim Christensen, Paw Lagerman,
Lina Rafn, Adam Powers, De La Ray
#6 (Denmark)
"Sunrise" is the second single from the album.
"Muzaik" 2001 Paw Lagerman, Lina Rafn,
F. Juul, L. Kujahn
Paw Lagerman, Lina Rafn #5 (Denmark)
"Muzaik" is the third single from the album. It became their most successful single from the album.
"You Receive Me" 2001 #12 (Denmark)
"You Receive Me" is the fourth single from the album.
"Let Me Hear You Say Yeah" 2001 #11 (Denmark)
"Let Me Hear You Say Yeah" is the fifth and final single from the album.