Waiyaki Wa Hinga

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Waiyaki Wa Hinga, was a respected Agikuyu warrior [spokes man] leader. He was about 48 years and several wives. He had his troop of warriors. He became an anti-colonial leader because of the British behavior in his motherland. Waiyaki welcomed Captain Frederick Lugard of the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEAC) into his motherland at a place called Mūthiga which is now PCEA Kīhumo Church, currently Kinoo Division, Kiambu County. After this agreement where he built a Fort, Captain Lugard then proceeded to Mengo in Uganda for exploration. He left some Europeans and some soldiers who began harassing the Gikūyù women making them draw water and feed them. Waiyaki and his people were not amused and they attacked and destroyed the Fort in 1892. They were chased away and they went to build another fort in Kabete currently known as Nduboinī now Kanyarīrī Location in Kiambu County. When Lugard returned he found his people at Fort Smith. Waiyaki was requested to go to Fort Smith to dialogue as to why the Fort had been burnt down. On arrival he was captured and the other warriors ran away. He was beaten and tied up with ropes to a tree where he slept the whole night. The following day a convoy started a journey Mombasa the then Capital of Kenya to be charged in court for destruction of property. However, on reaching Kibwezi, Waiyaki collapsed and died due to exhaustion and the beating of Fort Smith. He was buried in an unmarked grave. The 5th generation is currently following up on this site.[1]