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Wajih uz Zaman Khan (born 27 October 1963), is a Pakistani politician and advocate from Oghi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[citation needed]

Background and early life[edit]

Wajih uz Zaman Khan was born in 1963 to a Swati family of the Mansehra, Hazara region, at agror, Mansehra.[citation needed] His late father, Facker uz Zaman Khan, was descended from the upstart family of the so-called 'Khans of Agror',[1] a group of mullahs who had once ruled the Oghi/Agror area and were later deposed in 1888 by the British colonial government,[2] and his mother, Fauzia Facker uz Zaman, formerly a member of the Senate of Pakistan,[3] came from a humble family of Lahore, Punjab.[citation needed] After obtaining his basic school education, Khan went on to take a Bachelor of Arts degree[citation needed] and then a law degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.[citation needed]

Legal and political career[edit]

After his father's death, Khan was expected to enter politics in the family tradition,[4] but he went on to study for his law degree and eventually took up the legal profession under the Peshawar High Court and for some years, occupied himself with taking up various private lawsuits.[citation needed]

By the mid-1990s, he became increasingly involved in politics, and first contested the 1993 General Elections in Pakistan on a Pakistan Muslim League-N ticket, as a candidate for the PK-56 Mansehra provincial seat.[citation needed] He was successful in winning this and has since retained his seat in this constituency, switching parties a number of times, and remains a member of the NWFP/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly,[5] in 2013 winning on the Pakistan Muslim League-N ticket.[6] However, he was later dismissed from the PML-N party on disciplinary grounds, allegedly having sold out during the March 2015 senate elections[citation needed].

Khan also came into some disrepute in November 2012 when he was involved in a shoot-out over the setting up of a shop or kiosk in Islamabad, in which he was wounded.[7] Some doubts also exist as to the validity of his higher educational degrees, which have not been verified in accordance with election regulations.[8]


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