Wakakusa no Charlotte

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Wakakusa no Charlotte
Screenshot of the main characters of the anime series
Anime television series
Directed by Eiji Okabe
Written by Shun-ichi Yukimoro
Music by Hiromasa Suzuki
Studio Nippon Animation
Original network Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Original run 29 October 197727 May 1978
Episodes 30
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Wakakusa no Charlotte (若草のシャルロット?, lit. Charlotte of the Young Grass) is an anime series produced by Nippon Animation Co. Ltd. It was first aired in Japan between October 29, 1977 and May 27, 1978, and is based on an original story by screenwriter Shun'ichi Yukimuro (as opposed to an existing manga).

While this series - Nippon Animation's first to specifically target the shōjo audience, followed by Haikara-san ga Tōru - was taken off the air in Japan early due to mediocre ratings, it is a much-loved and well-known series in some European countries, particularly in Italy.

Plot summary[edit]

Charlotte was raised by her father, a former French nobleman, who is now living on a ranch in Quebec, Canada.

Although motherless, Charlotte was a happy girl until her 13th birthday, surrounded by a loving father and many friendly animals. On that day, however, a package arrives from her “mother”, who was supposedly dead.

After Charlotte’s father dies, this mother comes to live with her. At the same time, Charlotte meets a strange boy. This is only the beginning of many heartbreaking incidents in the little girl’s life, but in the end, her trusting and optimistic nature wins over all hardship and Charlotte is able to regain happiness.[1]

Original cast[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Episode Title
1 It happened one birthday
2 I don't need a mother
3 Go away, bad dreams!
4 Spica, the star shining in my heart
5 Papa's alive
6 Dream carriage from heaven
7 Queen of the farm
8 Knight in the snow
9 A Christmas letter
10 Snow festival to usher in spring
11 Messenger from Paris
12 Little wings on the Atlantic
13 The day I'll meet mother
14 I hate aristocrats
15 The morning I met mother
16 Reunion
17 75% happiness
18 A little fountain in the blaze
19 Goodbye to Paris
20 Little farm in the middle of the ocean
21 Dear old Andre farm
22 The light of papa's farm goes out
23 My first camping
24 Two battles
25 News from Flock
26 Marie in the sunset
27 Papa's ghost
28 Mama becomes mayor
29 Parting in the flowered woods
30 Beautiful May!!!


Title English Title Performer Description
Wakakusa no Charlotte Charlotte of the Young Grass Kumiko Kaori Opening Theme
Mei Furawaa[2] Mayflower Kumiko Kaori Ending Theme


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