Wakasa Bay

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Wakasa Bay
Wakasa bay beach.jpg
Wakasa Bay from a beach in Fukui Prefecture
Coordinates 35°43′17.1″N 135°39′36.6″E / 35.721417°N 135.660167°E / 35.721417; 135.660167Coordinates: 35°43′17.1″N 135°39′36.6″E / 35.721417°N 135.660167°E / 35.721417; 135.660167
River sources Yura, Shono, Saburi
Ocean/sea sources Sea of Japan
Basin countries Japan
Surface area 2,657 km²
Settlements Tsuruga, Obama, Maizuru, Miyazu, Kyōtango

Wakasa Bay (kanji:若狭湾, Wakasa-wan) is a bay located in the Chūbu region of Japan, and spans the coasts of Kyoto Prefecture, and Fukui Prefecture.[1]


Wakasa Bay is the area south of the straight line from Cape Kyoga on the west of Tango Peninsula to Cape Echizen on the east Echizen town. This area covers about 2,657 square kilometres.[2]

Border communities[edit]

Fukui prefecture
Echizen town, Minamiechizen, Tsuruga, Mihama, Wakasa, Obama, Ōi, Takahama
Kyoto prefecture
Maizuru, Miyazu, Yosano, Ine, Kyōtango


Yura, Shono, Saburi, etc.



Coastal of Sea of japan, most important ports are located in Wakasa Bay, The Port of Tsuruga, the Port of Maizuru (ja).

Military facilities[edit]

The Port of Maizuru contains the naval bases of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.[3]


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