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The Metropolitan Fire Station was built in 1983.

Wakefield Street is a main thoroughfare in the centre of the South Australian capital, Adelaide.

It runs in east-west between East Terrace and Victoria Square, and is one of the three streets (along with Grote Street and King William Street) to run through Victoria Square in the middle of the Adelaide city centre. The same three streets are also the widest streets in the city centre, at 2 chains (130 ft; 40 m) wide (refer to Adelaide city centre#Layout).

The street was named after Daniel Bell Wakefield, the solicitor who drafted the Act which proclaimed Adelaide. Like his brother Edward Gibbon Wakefield, he was also involved in the South Australia Association in London, but never visited Adelaide.[1]

Businesses, buildings, schools, etc., on Wakefield Street include:

The Unitarian Christian Church which once stood opposite Francis Xavier's Cathedral was demolished in 1971 and replaced with a government building "Wakefield Tower".

Junction list[edit]

Location km[2] mi Destinations Notes
Adelaide city centre 0 0.0 Victoria Square, King William Street Continues as Grote Street
0.2 0.12 Gawler Place
0.55 0.34 Pulteney Street
0.75 0.47 Frome Street
1.1 0.68 Hutt Street
1.2 0.75 East Terrace
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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