Wakkyanai (Z)

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"Wakkyanai (Z)"
Wakkyanai (Z).jpg
Single by Cute
from the album Cutie Queen Vol. 1
ReleasedJuly 29, 2006 (JP)
Cute singles chronology
"Ōki na Ai de Motenashite"
"Wakkyanai (Z)"
"Sakura Chirari"
Music video
"Wakkyanai (Z)
(Live Version at Saitama Super Arena)

"Wakkyanai (Z)" (わっきゃない(Z), Wakkyanai Zetto, It's easy) is the fourth single from the Japanese pop group Cute, released on July 29, 2006[1] on fb indie label.

The character (Z) is pronounced as zetto (ゼット) (the Japanese pronunciation of Z) in the title, but the pronunciation is changed into ze () in song as in Wakkyanaize.

This title is a play on words being that "Wakkyanaize" itself has no true meaning. It is only an indirect translation of colloquial "Wake-nai-ze" (訳ないぜ) into the English idiom "it's easy", after being deformed deliberately to achieve an English-sounding title.

This song was their initial original tune, and was first sung on November 27, 2005 at a fan club event. In June 2006, it was chosen as a theme song for "Kodomo Mirai-Haku 2006" (こども未来博2006, Science-Expo for Children 2006)[2] and was decided to be released in July.

This was the final release to feature Megumi Murakami.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wakkyanai (Z)" (わっきゃない(Z))
  2. "Wakkyanai (Z)" (Instrumental)


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