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Wako University
和光大学 E棟.jpg
MottoFreedom and Individuality
PresidentMasao Shiraishi(The professor of Fine Arts)
Administrative staff
Undergraduates3621(M:2363 F:1258)
Postgraduates33(M:16 F:17)
WebsiteWako University

Wako University (和光大学, Wakō Daigaku) is a private university in Japan, which is located in Machida, Tokyo.

Wako University is part of a comprehensive educational institute called Wako-Gakuen (和光学園) (meaning Wako schools), that includes kindergarten, two elementary schools, junior high school and high school. All schools are located in Tokyo.

In fact, the university has direct attached schools, so that people who have attended from the elementary school are relatively wealthy and then they directly go to the university without taking an examination.


Wako University was founded in 1966 as a four-year liberal arts institution of higher learning. Wako's founder and first president, Dr. Satoru Umene, was a pioneering educator who led the postwar movement to reform Japanese higher education. From its inception, Wako University has striven to achieve the high ideal of an interdisciplinary learning community open to society and the world at large. Here, faculty and students interact freely, cherishing the clash of values and opinions, and pursue personal and intellectual growth through independent study and research and extracurricular activities. To broaden their knowledge, students are actively encouraged to take courses in departments and faculties outside their own.


In 2004, Wako University accepted one applicant, however, upon learning that the applicant was the daughter of Shoko Asahara, the mastermind behind the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, they rescinded her acceptance. This was a controversial event and an assistant professor, Eiji Otsuka, resigned in protest. The president of the university at the time, Osamu Mitsuhashi, was a professor of sociology who had recently published the book "Notes of Discrimination". In end, the university was sentenced by Tokyo District Court to pay a fine of ¥300,000 (US$2,500).

Undergraduate departments[edit]

Faculty of Human Sciences[edit]

  • Psychology and Education
  • Sociological Studies
  • Human and Environmental Well-being

Faculty of Representational studies[edit]

  • Transcultural studies
  • Art

Faculty of Economics and Business Management[edit]

  • Economics
  • Business and Media

Graduate department[edit]

  • Social and Cultural Studies


  • Akihito Takuma (assistant professor of art)
  • Akiko Iwama (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Akiko Takehara (professor of design)
  • Akira Kojima (assistant professor of pedagogy)
  • Ami Kim (assistant professor of economics)
  • Bambang Rudyanto (professor of business administration)
  • Eichi Chino (former president / former professor of linguistics in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
  • Eri Churiki (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Hideaki Yata (assistant professor of sports science)
  • Hideko Tsuneda (professor of psychology)
  • Hideo Yamasaki (assistant professor of business administration)
  • Hiroaki Kobayashi (professor of economics)
  • Hiroki Kasai (Assistant professor of sociology)
  • Hiroko Yamamoto (professor of sociology)
  • Hiromi Sakazume (assistant professor of psychology)
  • Hiroo Higuchi (professor of economics)
  • Hiroomi Hashimoto (professor of sculpture)
  • Hiroyuki Tsuda (Assistant professor of linguistics)
  • Hisashi Yamada (professor of economics)
  • Humihiro Nonomura (professor of media arts)
  • Humiko Miya (professor of linguistics)
  • Humio Shiozaki (professor of sociology)
  • Hyo Jong Yu (professor of political science)
  • Itaru Matsueda (professor of art and cultural history)
  • Iwao Kato (assistant professor of economics)
  • Iwayuki Suzuki (professor of business administration)
  • Izumi Takeda (instructor of economics)
  • Kaitaro Tsuno (professor of media art)
  • Katsuhiko Asami (professor of sociology)
  • Kazuhiro Koseki (professor of sociology)
  • Kazuo Matsumura (professor of mythology)
  • Ken Nishi (professor of sociological philosophy)
  • Kenjiro Ide (professor of accounting)
  • Koichi Iwama (professor of environmental studies)
  • Koichi Nonaka (assistant professor of hygienics)
  • Masaaki Sugimoto (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Masanori Kobayashi (professor of sociology)
  • Masao Iwaki (professor emeritus)
  • Masao Shiraishi (president of the university / professor of art)
  • Masaomi Maruki (president of Wako-Gakuen)
  • Masashi Domae (assistant professor of zoology)
  • Michiko Asai (Assistant professor of pedagogy)
  • Midori Amano (Assistant professor of linguistics)
  • Minoru Kobayashi (assistant professor of business administration)
  • Mitsuhiro Hiiragi (professor of design)
  • Miyuki Kato (Assistant professor of linguistics)
  • Motoko Ota (professor of pedagogy)
  • Mutsuharu Shinohara (professor of psychology)
  • Mutsuo Yamamura (professor of business administration)
  • Naoyuki Harada (instructor of business administration)
  • Nobuhisa Obu (professor of business administration)
  • Noriko Sugimoto (professor of linguistics)
  • Noriyuki Kasai (Assistant professor of design)
  • Osamu Murai (professor of linguistics)
  • Robert Rickette (professor of anthropology)
  • Satoru Saisyu (professor of environmental philosophy)
  • Satsuki Ohashi (instructor of performing arts)
  • Seiji Chida (professor linguistics)
  • Seiko Sano (Assistant professor of linguistics)
  • Shigeo Handa (professor of art)
  • Shin Kikkawa (professor of linguistics)
  • Shinichi Sakayori (professor of sociology)
  • Shinichiro Hayashi (assistant professor of psychology)
  • Shinji Fukasawa (professor of linguistics)
  • Shinya Yoden (Assistant professor of linguistics)
  • Sumako Oku (professor of economic history)
  • Syu Kishida (professor emeritus of psychoanalysis)
  • Syuichiro Sato (professor of jurisprudence)
  • Syunji Tokunaga (instructor of finance)
  • Tadao Nomura (professor of linguistics)
  • Takao Ueno (professor of sociology)
  • Takashi Nagasawa (professor of sociology)
  • Takehiko Ito (professor of psychology)
  • Takehisa Kobayashi (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Taisei Satoh (professor of art)
  • Tatsuo Ito (professor of economic history)
  • Tatsuya Wachi (assistant professor of economics)
  • Teruhiko Ito (professor of journalism)
  • Tatsuya Mori (documentary film director and writer)
  • Tetsuo Kawama (professor of design)
  • Tetsuro Ueno (professor of business administration)
  • Teruko Inoue (professor of women studies)
  • Teruyuki Miyake (professor of finance)
  • Thalawyn Silverwood (instructor of English)
  • Tokushi Kure (documentary film director)
  • Toshihiko Hanaya (assistant professor of economics)
  • Toshihiko Saji (professor of linguistics)
  • Toshio Shibuya (professor of cultural anthropology)
  • Toshio Umehara (professor of pedagogy)
  • Toshiya Ueno (Professor of sociology)
  • Yasuhiko Hikichi (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Yasuteru Okudaira (professor of pedagogy)
  • Yo Uemura (professor of linguistics)
  • Yoichi Sakuramoto (assistant professor of sociology)
  • Yoji Iwamoto (Assistant professor of pedagogy)
  • Yoko Nagao (Assistant professor of sociology)
  • Yoshihiro Fukuda (professor of business administration)
  • Yoshihiro Okamoto (professor of commerce)
  • Yoshimasa Hasegawa (professor of economics)
  • Yuriko Hattori (professor of psychology)
  • Yutaka Mikami (professor of art documentation)

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