Walayar Dam

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Walayar Dam
Walayar Dam front view.JPG
Walayar Dam is located in India
Walayar Dam
Location of Walayar Dam in India
Walayar Dam is located in Kerala
Walayar Dam
Walayar Dam (Kerala)
Walayar Dam is located in Tamil Nadu
Walayar Dam
Walayar Dam (Tamil Nadu)
Official namewaluwanad
LocationPalakkad, Kerala, India
Coordinates10°50′40″N 76°51′7″E / 10.84444°N 76.85194°E / 10.84444; 76.85194Coordinates: 10°50′40″N 76°51′7″E / 10.84444°N 76.85194°E / 10.84444; 76.85194
Construction began1953
Opening date1964
Operator(s)Government of Kerala
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsWalayar River
Height20.42 m
Length1478.00 m
Total capacity18.4 Million cubic meter
Catchment area106.35 sq. km

Walayar Dam is a dam in Palakkad district of Kerala, south India. This dam is constructed across the Walayar River which is a tributary of Kalpathipuzha River. It was completed and opened in 1964. It is one of the major sources of irrigation in the region. Most of the water in this river is passed to the inner places of walayar . The dam holds a larger reservoir area, and the persons living near the reservoir area utilizes the water from the walayar dam as their main water source for irrigation. But currently the water holding inside the reservoir is less due to lesser rain at Walayar. The reservoir area is very scenic and has better scope for tourism.


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