Walchandnagar Industries

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Walchandnagar Industries Limited
Public company
Traded as BSE507410
Industry Energy
Nuclear power
Industrial & Marine Transmissions
Propulsion systems
Founder Walchand Hirachand Doshi
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Boilers
Power Generation
Services EPC
Turnkey projects
Revenue 9.64 billion (US$150 million) (2010-11)[1]
169 million (US$2.6 million) (2010-11)
Website www.walchand.com

Walchandnagar Industries Limited (WIL) (NSE: WALCHANNAG, BSE: 507410) is a heavy engineering products and EP&C services company, based in Mumbai, India.


Walchandnagar Industries was founded by Walchand Hirachand Doshi in 1908.[2]

WIL was subject to sanctions by the United States following Pokhran-II[3] for its involvement in India's nuclear and space programs.[4] The sanctions were dropped in 2001.[5]

Products and services[edit]

WIL manufactures heavy engineering products and machinery, and provides EPC and turnkey project services.

For the Energy industry, WIL manufactures Boilers and machinery for Thermal power plants. It also provides turnkey services for setting up thermal and biomass fueled power plants.[6] WIL also manufactures components for the nuclear power industry.[7][8] The systems for the steam turbines integrated with the nuclear reactor of India's first indigenously developed Arihant class submarines were supplied by Walchandnagar Industries.[9]

In the Aerospace sector, WIL supplies flight motor casings, nozzles, heat shields, etc. for various stages of space launch vehicles.[10] and has supplied critical components for India’s first Moon mission CHANDRAYAAN-I and Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program Agni V.[11] For the Defence industry, WIL supplies titanium alloy and specialized metals products, including mobile bridges, missile casings, missile launchers, etc.[9].[12]

WIL also provides offshore platforms, drilling rigs, etc. for Oil and Gas exploration and extraction.[13] It builds machinery for cement plants.[14]

WIL builds high speed transmission and propulsion systems for industrial and marine applications. It also supplies gearboxes for hydro-electric power projects.[15] It builds high-precision temperature and pressure gauges used in a variety of industrial applications.[16]

It supplies software packages for engineering and process industries.[17]


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