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County of Waldburg-Scheer
Grafschaft Waldburg-Scheer
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Capital Not specified
Languages Alemannic German
Government Principality
 •  1717–56 Joseph William Eusebius
 •  1756–64 Leopold Augustus
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Partitioned from
1612 1612
 •  Restored to
1717 1717
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wappen Waldburg.svg Waldburg-Trauchburg
Waldburg-Trauchburg Wappen Waldburg.svg

Waldburg-Scheer was a County ruled by the House of Waldburg, located in southeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Waldburg-Scheer was a partition of Waldburg-Trauchburg, to which it was restored in 1764.

Counts of Waldburg-Scheer[edit]

  • Joseph William Eusebius, 1717–56
  • Leopold Augustus, 1756–64