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County (Principality) of Waldburg-Waldsee
Grafschaft (Fürstentum) Waldburg-Waldsee
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Capital Bad Waldsee
Languages Alemannic German
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Partitioned from
 •  Annexed Wolfegg 1798
 •  Raised to principality 1803
 •  Mediatised to
    Kgdm Württemberg
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wappen Waldburg.svg Waldburg-Wolfegg
Kingdom of Württemberg
Waldsee Castle

Waldburg-Waldsee was a County ruled by the House of Waldburg, located in southeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, around Bad Waldsee.

Waldburg-Waldsee was a partition of Waldburg-Wolfegg. When the Wolfegg branch extinguished in 1798, the Waldsee branch inherited Wolfegg. Waldburg-Waldsee was a County prior to 1803, when it was raised to a Principality shortly before being mediatised to Württemberg in 1806.

Rulers of Waldburg-Waldsee[edit]

Counts of Waldburg-Waldsee (1667–1803)[edit]

  • John (1667–1724)
  • Maximilian (1724–48)
    • Francis Joseph (1724–29)
  • Gebhard John (1748–90)
  • Joseph Anthony (1790–1803)

Prince of Waldburg-Wolfegg and Waldsee (1803–06)[edit]

  • Joseph Anthony (1803–06)

Princes of Waldburg-Wolfegg and Waldsee (mediatized) [1][edit]

  • Joseph Anthony, 1st Prince 1803-1833 (1766-1833)
    • Friedrich, 2nd Prince 1833-1871 (1808-1871)
      • Franz, 3rd Prince 1871-1906 (1833-1906)
        • Maximilian, 4th Prince 1906-1950 (1863-1950)
          • Max Willibald, 5th Prince 1950-1998 (1924-1998)
            • Johannes, 6th Prince since 1998 (b.1957)
              • Ludwig, Hereditary Prince of Waldburg-Wolfegg and Waldsee (b.1990)
              • Prince Leonardo (b.1995)