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Walden's Path School
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"Awakening Intelligence"
TypePrivate School
FounderSunil Mayreddy[1]

Walden's Path School is located in Hyderabad, India.[2] It follows Cambridge IGCSE syllabi. The School is inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti's Educational Philosophy.


The school is inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti's philosophy and his life work.[3] Walden's Path is based on the notion that children need to be able to get to information following their own path, construct and create their own knowledge and paths.[4][5]

Learning Approach[edit]

Walden's Path School follows The Studio Approach with Science, Mathematics, Language and Literature. The School admits students in grades 1 and below. Walden's Path School developed an approach and methodology that enables children to discover multiple ways of solving problems in Mathematics and applying concepts in Science.

Studio Based Learning[edit]

Walden's Path School follows Studio-Based Learning and is inspired by John Dewey's work and education philosophy. Unlike a lab that uses standardized procedures with set equipment to reproduce a protocol in order to obtain set outcomes, a Studio is a space that invigorates, inspires and provides an opportunity to create, construct and test objectives and hypotheses and analyse data.[6]

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