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Cover of the first edition (1850–51)
Autographic draft of Robert Schumann's "Einsame Blumen" – Waldszenen, Op. 82, No. 3

Waldszenen (Forest Scenes), Op. 82, is a set of nine short solo piano pieces composed by Robert Schumann in 1848–1849, but first published in 1850–1851 in Leipzig by Bartholf Senff.[1]

On the set, Schumann wrote: "The titles for pieces of music, since they again have come into favor in our day, have been censured here and there, and it has been said that 'good music needs no sign-post.' Certainly not, but neither does a title rob it of its value; and the composer, by adding one, at least prevents a complete misunderstanding of the character of his music. What is important is that such a verbal heading should be significant and apt. It may be considered the test of the general level of the composer's education."[2]


Title[3] Approximate duration Key signature
Eintritt (Entry) 2:10 B-flat major
Jäger auf der Lauer (Hunters on the lookout) 1:18 D minor
Einsame Blumen (Lonely Flowers) 2:17 B-flat major
Verrufene Stelle (Haunted Place) 3:07 D minor
Freundliche Landschaft (Friendly Landscape) 1:07 B-flat major
Herberge (Wayside Inn) 2:02 E-flat major
Vogel als Prophet (Bird as Prophet) 3:20 G minor
Jagdlied (Hunting Song) 2:29 E-flat major
Abschied (Farewell) 3:29 B-flat major


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