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A wale is a plank around the outside of a ship.

Wale or WALE may also refer to:



Radio and television stations[edit]

  • WALE-LD channel 17, a television station in Montgomery, Alabama, United States
  • WBHU 105.5 FM, a radio station licensed to St. Augustine Beach, Florida, United States, which held the call sign WALE in 2014.
  • WALE (defunct) 990 AM, a radio station licensed to Providence, (& later Greenville) Rhode Island, United States that held the WALE callsign from 1989 until April 1, 2014.
  • WHTB 1440 AM, a radio station licensed to Fall River, Massachusetts that held the callsign WALE until 1989


  • Wale, welt or wheal, a type of skin lesion
  • Wale, a term used to express cord width for corduroy materials
  • Wale, a nautical term for any of the strakes (longitudinal planks) that make up the side of a wooden ship. In merchant vessels of the era of sail the wales were the thickest planks, which were placed opposite the lower hold-beams, whose fastenings went through them.
  • HSwMS Wale, Royal Swedish Navy destroyer "Wale", see List of destroyers of the Royal Swedish Navy

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