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Walenty Wańkowicz (Lithuanian: Valentinas Vankavičius, Belarusian: Валенты Ваньковіч; February 14, 1799 in Kałużyce - May 12, 1842 in Paris) was a Polish painter of Belarusan origin. He studied at the Jesuit College in Polotsk, the University of Wilno and the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. He produced, among other things, a well-known portrait of Adam Mickiewicz (1827–28).[1]


Wańkowicz is being honoured in Belarus as one of the most significant Belarusian painters of the 19th century.[2] There is a monument to him in Minsk.[3]

The Vankovich House / Wańkowicz House, the former mansion of the Wańkowicz family, is now a museum in the historical part of Minsk.[4]

Selected portraits[edit]


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