Wales National Velodrome

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Wales National Velodrome
Entrance to Wales National Velodrome, Newport - - 2206031.jpg
Location Velodrome Way, Newport NP19 4RB
Capacity 500
Opened 2003

The Wales National Velodrome in Newport, South Wales, is an indoor arena located in the Newport International Sports Village, Lliswerry. The Velodrome's facilities including a covered 250-metre Siberian pine track, a function room/dance studio, free weights room, fitness suite, a drug-testing room and a multipurpose indoor sports arena.

It has seating for 500 spectators. The Newport Velodrome hosts the Head Office of Welsh Cycling and Newport Velo Youth Cycling Club is based at the centre.

An outdoor cycle speedway track is located at the Velodrome.

The Velodrome was used by the British track cycling team for its pre-event holding camps ahead of the 2008, 2012 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Olympics. [1]

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