Wali Khan Amin Shah

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Wali Khan Amin Shah
Born 1967 (age 50–51)
Detained at FCI Terre Haute[1]
Alternate name Osama Turkestani
Osama Azmurai
Grabi Ibrahim Hahse

Wali Khan Amin Shah (Arabic: والي خان أمين شاه‎) (also known as Osama Turkestani, Osama Azmurai,[2] and Grabi Ibrahim Hahsen[citation needed]) was a man who had a role in the foiled Bojinka plot. He was convicted of terrorism, and has been imprisoned on these charges since 1995.


Shah was believed to have fought in Loya Paktia, Afghanistan during the 1980s against Soviet forces, possibly together with Osama bin Laden.[3] He owned half of Konsojaya's shares.[citation needed] In addition, he carried several false passports under various aliases, including Norwegian, Saudi and four Pakistani aliases.[citation needed]

While in Manila, in the Philippines, he acquired a girlfriend named Arminda Costudio, a waitress at a Pasay City-area nightclub. Costudio also met Khalid Shaikh Mohammed on several occasions.[citation needed]

Attack on Philippines[edit]

Shah bombed the Greenbelt Theatre in Manila on December 1, injuring several people. In January 1995, Shah traveled from Pakistan to Manila via Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to rendezvous with Ramzi Yousef.[4]

Capture and Re-Capture[edit]

Florence ADMAX USP, where Shah was incarcerated

The Bojinka plot was discovered by police on January 6, 1995. He was arrested by Manila police at an apartment on Singalong Street, which Yousef had set up in case the plot failed,[5] on January 11, but he escaped police custody roughly 77 hours later. After obtaining a fraudulent passport bearing the name Osama Turkestani, he lived on the nearby island of Langkawi until his December 1995 re-arrest in Malaysia. After the re-arrest, he was handed over to United States authorities.

Shah was reported to have made an unsuccessful escape attempt from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.[6]

Shah has been cooperating with the United States Government since August 1998.[citation needed] Shah, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 42799-054, previously incarcerated at Marion USP, is now at FCI Terre Haute. His release date is 26 March 2022.[1]

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