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Waldjinah[1] (born November 7, 1945) is an Indonesian traditional singer of Javanese ethnicity. Her popular songs include Walangkekek and Enthit. She has collaborated with Indonesian artists such as Didi Kempot, Gesang Martohartono and Titiek Puspa.[2]

Family origin and early life[edit]

Waldjinah was born in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java province in 1945, the tenth child of the family. Her father was an artisan, working as a painter in a batik factory. Her mother worked in a market selling food. It was in the batik factory where her father worked, that Waldjinah began listening to traditional Javanese song and music. During her high school years, Waldjinah became interested in keroncong music.


In 1958, Waldjinah entered a singing competition held by the Indonesian state owned radio station, RRI Surakarta. She was awarded second place and her professional career began. In 1960, Waldjinah was voted the singer with most potential at a national competition in Jakarta. Waldjinah has recorded 200 albums and over 1500 songs. Enthit was recorded by the Lokananta music studio in Surakarta.


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