Walk All over Me

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Walk All Over Me
CIFF Gala 2007-09-22 1.jpg
Directed byRobert Cuffley
Produced byCarolyn McMaster
Written byRobert Cuffley, Jason Long
StarringLeelee Sobieski, Tricia Helfer, Lothaire Bluteau, Michael Eklund, Michael Adamthwaite, Jacob Tierney, Ross McMillan
Music byMike Shields
CinematographyNorayr Kasper
Edited byKen Filewych
Release date
  • September 11, 2007 (2007-09-11) (Toronto International Film Festival)
Running time
98 minutes

Walk All Over Me is a Canadian film released in 2007 written by Robert Cuffley and Jason Long. The film stars Leelee Sobieski as "Alberta", a small-town girl who assumes the false identity of her former babysitter and current dominatrix roommate "Celene", played by Tricia Helfer. Lothaire Bluteau, Michael Eklund, Michael Adamthwaite, and Jacob Tierney also star in the film. It was directed by Cuffley and produced by Carolyn McMaster.

Walk All Over Me premiere at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, where it was bought by The Weinstein Company.


Alberta leaves her small hometown to move to the city, and she moves in with her former babysitter, Celene, who wears thigh high boots and is now a professional dominatrix. Out of money, Alberta decides to impersonate her roommate's identity, lured by the $300 per hour pay rate. While working with her first client, Paul, three men break into the house, believing that Paul stole half a million dollars from them. Paul defends himself, saying that whatever money he has, he had won at the casino. Alberta flees the scene, grabbing Paul's money on her way out, which leads the robbers to believe that she is involved with the theft as well. For the rest of the movie, Alberta and Celene try to deal with the three robbers, and rescue Paul from them.




While the film is set in Vancouver, principal filming was actually done in Manitoba, presumably to save money on location shoots.[1]



The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes lists[2] two positive reviews,[3][4] and two negative ones.[5][6]


Award Year Category Name Outcome
AMPIA Awards 2008 Best Feature Film Carolyn McMaster Won
Leo Awards 2008 Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama Michael Eklund Won
Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Feature Length Drama Tricia Helfer Nominated
Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama Michael Adamthwaite Nominated


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