Walk Like a Man (2008 film)

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Walk Like a Man
Directed by Patricia Zagarella
Jim Morgison
Produced by Patricia Zagarella
Jim Morgison
Music by Peter Fish
Edited by Rachel Kittner
Scott Doniger
Release date
February 2008
Country Australia
Language English

Walk Like a Man, full title Walk Like a Man: A Real Life Drama About Blood, Sweat & Queers is a 2008 Australian documentary film about gay rugby union co-produced and co-directed by Patricia Zagarella and Jim Morgison and narrated by Australian former rugby league international Ian Roberts.

Filmed in San Francisco, Sydney, Australia and New York, it concentrates on preparations for the 2006 New York final of the Bingham Cup (Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament), effectively the World Cup of gay rugby union, by the two finalist teams, the reigning incumbent champions San Francisco Fog RFC and the up-and-coming rivals, the Sydney Convicts. The Convicts end up winning the Cup with a score of 16-10.

The prize is named after Mark Bingham, a gay rugby player and a member of San Francisco Fog, and a 9/11 hero, was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93 and courageously stormed the cockpit and prevented the hijackers from hitting their eventual target.

The film was released in February 2008. It was shown on Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and also shown on Logo TV[1]


San Francisco Fog
  • Annah-Ruth Dominis
  • Pete Dubois
  • Sean Dmyterko
  • Bryce Eberhart
  • Leandro Gonzales
  • Andrew Sullivan
Sydney Convicts
  • Luke Carpenter
  • Angus Donald
  • Sam Irvine
  • Andrew Purchas
  • Rob Rosenberg
  • Charlie Winn
  • Steve Thorne
  • Peter FitzSimons
  • Alice Hoagland
  • Esera Tuaolo
  • Chris Stahl


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