Walk in da Park

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Walk in da Park
Walk in da park cover.jpg
Studio album by Giggs
Released 4 August 2008
Genre UK Rap Grime Hip Hop
Length 70:18
Label SN1 Records (Spare No 1)
Producer Boom Productions, Universe, Wbeeza, Bayoz Muzik, Boss Entertainment, Flupes, Simple, Dash Music
Giggs chronology
Walk in da Park
Let Em Ave It

Walk in da Park is the debut album by English rapper Giggs, released on 4 August 2008.[1]


Hollowman Giggs followed up his hype which was built from the freestyle "Talking the Hardest" by releasing this album, which he claims to have completed in two weeks.

Giggs released a video for the song "Uummm!!" for promotion before the album was released, however MTV Base refused to play the video due to claims that the content was too strong for their channel.

Giggs was not happy with the company, retracted his video application and wrote the tune "The Last Straw" in response to the bad treatment he received from MTV Base and BBC Radio 1Xtra. When asked about the issue he said he was asked to censor "drug references" from the song, despite none being made.

DJs such as Tim Westwood are known to hold this album in high regard, despite Giggs being blacklisted from BBC 1Xtra.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro (B.B.T.)" Boom Productions 4:20
2. "Uummm!!!" Wbeeza 3:49
3. "Open Up" Bayoz Muzik 2:56
4. "Who Are You to Judge?" (featuring Joe Grind) Boom Productions 4:24
5. "More Maniacs" (featuring T.Boost & Young Spray) Boom Productions 3:43
6. "Swagga!!" (featuring Joe Grind) Boom Productions 4:39
7. "Cut Up Bag" Boss Entertainment 4:21
8. "Saw" Boom Productions 3:36
9. "Make It Look Good" (featuring J. Melo) Boom Productions 4:26
10. "Click Clack!!!" (featuring Killa Ki & Shocks) Universe 4:06
11. "Pitchin' All da Time" (featuring Dubz & Chelsi Lauren) Flupes 5:20
12. "Rat-A-Tat-Tat" (featuring Kyze) Simple 3:36
13. "Tempa Tempa" (featuring T.G.) Bayoz Muzik 3:16
14. "Bring a Message Back" Boom Productions 3:04
15. "You Raised Me" Boom Productions 2:51
16. "Walk in da Park" (featuring O.T.B) (Buck & Fix Dot'M) Boom Productions 3:47
17. "Let 'Im Ave It" (featuring T.Boost) Flupes 3:33
18. "Test Out da Nine (Remix)" (featuring SN1) (Joe Grind, Kyzer, Gunna D & T.Boost) Boom Productions 4:57
Total length: 70:18


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