Walk on the Wild Side (TV series)

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Walk on the Wild Side
Walk on the Wild Side title card
Written byVarious
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series2
No. of episodes13
Executive producerCaroline Wright
ProducerMark Lucey
Running time30 minutes
Production companiesBBC Worldwide (production)
BBC Earth (natural history footage)
Original networkBBC One
Picture format16:9
Original release15 August 2009 (2009-08-15) –
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Walk on the Wild Side is a 2009 British comedy sketch show shown on BBC One. It involves the overdubbing of voiceovers to natural history footage, to give the appearance of the animals doing the talking. Celebrity guest voices are also included in each episode, with the exception of the pilot episode.

A second series began airing on BBC One from 18 September 2010.[1]

A third series began airing over 3 years later on CBBC in 2013.

Cast and writers[edit]

Voiceover Series Year
Jason Manford 1 - 2 2009–present
Steve Edge 1 - 2 2009–present
Sarah Millican 1 - 2 2009–present
Rhod Gilbert 1 2009
Jon Richardson 1 - 2 2009–present
Pal Aron 1 - 2 2009–present
Isy Suttie 1 - 2 2009–present
Harriet Carmichael 1 - 2 2009–present
Gavin Webster 1 - 2 2009–present
Jason Byrne 2 2010

Manford, Edge, Richardson, Webster and Suttie all write the series as well as providing voiceovers. Alex Horne, Alistair Griggs and Ian Manford write the series with them.


Series One (2009)[edit]

# Episode Featured animals Guest Voiceover(s) Original Airdate
Pilot Field mouse, marmot, shark, dolphin, crocodile, frilled lizard, gibbon, badger, flamingo, chameleon, vulture, penguin, panda, giant tortoise, polar bear, seal, tiger, giraffe, zebra, meerkat. None 28 March 2009
1 Elephant seal, meerkat, panda, penguin, gorilla, marmot, shark, fox, black bear, puffin, owl, badger, elephant, proboscis monkey, snowy owl, beetle, ant, crab, ostrich, pangolin Stephen Fry 15 August 2009
2 Koala, chameleon, marine iguana, anteater, giraffe, bat, ostrich, marmot, gorilla, badger, meerkat, camel, shoebill, shark, caterpillar, sage grouse. Rolf Harris 22 August 2009
3 Porpoise, white mouse, spoonbill, black heron, iguana, meerkat, walrus, penguin, giant tortoise, badger, rabbit, crab, frog, seal, shoebill, skunk. Barbara Windsor 29 August 2009
4 Frilled lizard, marine iguana, camel, duck-billed platypus, mudskipper, barn owl, camel, shoebill, puffin, anteater, elephant, chipmunk, chameleon, marten, lemur Richard E. Grant 5 September 2009
5 Lion, cheetah, shark, penguin, rhinoceros, emperor tamarin, antelope, flamingo, swan, tiger, capybara, owl, giant tortoise, puffin, giraffe, ant, vulture, mandrill. Tom Jones 12 September 2009
6 Sea eagle, fox, shark, polar bear, lion, leopard, tiger, peacock, starfish, puffin, iguana, wolf, crab, meerkat, shoebill, deer, lizard, sea otter, mandrill, barn owl, penguin, seal, camel, frog, red-capped manakin. Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne 19 September 2009

Series Two (2010)[edit]

# Episode Synopsis Guest Voiceover(s) Original Airdate
1 Tensions run high in the natural world as a young lion cub called Malcolm is lost at Giraffestonbury. John Goodman 18 September 2010
2 A vulture tries out a saucy joke; two Geordie chimps have a close encounter with aliens; An evil cloned giraffe threatens to "kiss your mum". Jason Byrne 25 September 2010
3 Alistair and Arnold the very British airmen; Sid the monkey's conscience plays a joke on him; Keith the dolphin farts through his blowhole 2 October 2010
4 Two parent petrels fake giving their son a fish; showering beavers conversation is derailed by their mate obsessed with his wife's affair; camel Queen awards a knighthood; a heron repeatedly pretends it's nighttime then daytime; Monkey Mastermind John Humphrys 16 October 2010
5 Chester MacArthur's Guide To Wood-whittling; Finbar Finnegan's Fancy Feet; a hyena Police chase 23 October 2010
6 A chimp who can't remember if he left the front door unlocked; opera-singing storks; squirrel Henry Edwardson's memoirs of being a jobbing actor 30 October 2010
7 Midsafari Murders; Animal Casualty; a bear after his stag night John Humphrys 6 November 2010


The show often uses music for comic effect, and it has used a range of contemporary music as well as popular music from the past. Artists featured include: Toto, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Marvin Gaye, Pussycat Dolls, Barry White, Shaggy, Lulu, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams, Tinie Tempah, Bon Jovi, Radiohead and Adam and The Ants.[2]

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