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List of North American horse breeds

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This is a list of horse breeds usually considered to originate or have developed in Canada and the United States. Some may have complex or obscure histories, so inclusion here does not necessarily imply that a breed is predominantly or exclusively from those countries.

Name Other names Notes Image
Alberta Wild Horse[1]
American Bashkir Curly[2]: 434 
  • American Curly Horse
  • North American Curly Horse
American Belgian Draft[2]: 434 
American Cream Draft[2]: 434 
American Crème Horse[2]: 434 [3]
American Drum Horse[2]: 434 
American Indian Horse[2]: 434 
American Miniature Horse[2]: 434 
American Paint Horse[2]: 435  Paint Horse
American Quarter Horse[2]: 435  Quarter Horse[2]: 497 
American Saddlebred[2]: 435 
American Shetland Pony[2]: 435 
American Sorraia Mustang[2]: 435  of Iberian origin, in the Colonial Spanish horse group; no connection to the Sorraia has been demonstrated[2]: 435 
American Spotted[2]: 435 
American Spotted Paso[2]: 435 
American Thoroughbred Thoroughbred derives directly from the British Thoroughbred; some lines and some coat colors would not be eligible for registration in the General Stud Book[2]: 436 
American Walking Pony[2]: 436 
American Warmblood[2]: 436 
American White Horse[2]: 436 
Appaloosa[2]: 438 
Banker[2]: 442 [3]
Blazer[2]: 445  Modern breed of riding horse, bred particularly for ranch work; developed by Neil Hinck of Star, Idaho, from a single foundation stallion named Little Blaze.[2]: 445 
Camarillo White Horse[2]: 448 
Canadian[2]: 449 [3]
Canadian Pacer[2]: 449 
Canadian Pinto[2]: 449 
Canadian Rustic Pony[2]: 449 
Canadian Sport Horse[2]: 449 
Canadian Warmblood[2]: 449 [1]
Carolina Marsh Tacky[2]: 449  Marsh Tacky[3]
Cerbat Mustang[2]: 450, 457 
Cherokee Horse[2]: 451 
Chickasaw[2]: 451 [4]
Chincoteague Pony[2]: 452  Assateague Horse[2]: 452 
Choctaw Horse[2]: 453 [3]
Colonial Spanish[2]: 455 [3]
Colorado Ranger[2]: 457 
Conestoga Horse[2]: 443  extinct
Cumberland Island Horse[2]: 459 
Florida Cracker Horse[2]: 466 
Kanata Pony[2]: 478 
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse[2]: 479 
Kiger Mustang[2]: 480 
Lac La Croix Indian Pony[2]: 481 [1]
  • Lac La Croix Pony
  • Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony
  • Ojibwe Pony
Missouri Fox Trotter[2]: 486 
Morab[2]: 487 
Morgan [2]: 487 
Morocco Spotted[2]: 487 
Mountain Pleasure Horse
Moyle[2]: 488  Ranch and endurance horse, bred in Utah by Rex Moyle from Colonial Spanish and Cleveland Bay stock[2]: 487 [5]: 183 
Mustang[2]: 488  American Mustang[2]: 434 
Narragansett Pacer[2]: 488  extinct
National Show Horse[2]: 488 
Nemaiah Valley Horse[1][failed verification]
Newfoundland Pony[1][3]
Nez Perce Horse[2]: 489 
Nokota [2]: 490 
North American Sportpony American Sport Pony[2]: 435 
Pony of the Americas[2]: 497  Appaloosa Pony[2]: 438 
Pryor Mountain Mustang Pryor Mountain[2]: 457 
Puerto Rican Paso Fino[3]
Quarab[2]: 497 
Quarter Pony[2]: 435 
Racking Horse[2]: 497 
Rocky Mountain Horse[2]: 498 
Sable Island Pony[2]: 499 
Santa Cruz[3]
Spanish Jennet Horse[2]: 477 
Spanish Barb[4] The Spanish Barb Breeders Association is a registry for Colonial Spanish horses; eligible horses stand 140–150 cm and may be of any color[2]: 457 [6]
Spanish Mustang[4]
Spanish Norman[2]: 504 
Spotted Saddle Horse National Spotted Saddle Horse[2]: 488 
Standardbred[2]: 436 
  • American Standardbred
  • American Trotter
Tennessee Walking Horse[2]: 507 
Tiger Horse[2]: 508  A gaited, leopard-spotted riding horse, bred from Appaloosa, Paso Fino and Colonial Spanish stock; height 147–152 cm
Virginia Highlander[2]: 472 
Walkaloosa derives from Tennessee Walking Horse and Appaloosa, displays leopard spots and ambling gait[2]: 512 
Welara[2]: 512 


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