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Alinta 'Walkaway' Wind Farm
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Official name Alinta Wind Farm
Country Australia
Location Walkaway, Western Australia
Coordinates 28°53′53″S 114°52′7″E / 28.89806°S 114.86861°E / -28.89806; 114.86861Coordinates: 28°53′53″S 114°52′7″E / 28.89806°S 114.86861°E / -28.89806; 114.86861
Status Operational
Commission date August 2004
Owner(s) Infigen Energy
Operator(s) Infigen Energy
Wind farm
Type Onshore
Site usage Stock grazing and broadacre crops
Hub height 80 metres
Rotor diameter 82 metres
Power generation
Units operational 54
Make and model Vestas NM82
Nameplate capacity 89.1 MW

Alinta wind farm (also known as Walkaway wind farm) is a wind power station at Walkaway, just south of Geraldton, Western Australia.[1]

The Alinta wind farm has an installed capacity of 89.1 megawatts. It supplies Perth and the south west in the south-west interconnected system (SWIS).

Each year the wind farm generates energy that would normally produce 360,150 tonnes of greenhouse gases if generated by fossil fuel based methods. This is the equivalent of removing 76,000 cars from the roads.[1]

Electricity produced by the wind farm is purchased mainly by Alinta Energy.[2]

The owner is Infigen Energy Ltd.

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