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Illustration from 1905 article in the Los Angeles Herald announcing the opening of the "Fifth Street Store"

The Fifth Street Store was a major department store in Los Angeles opened in 1905. Its original official name was Steele, Faris, & Walker Co., and from 1909 Muse, Faris, Walker Co., but during this period it promoted itself simply as the "Fifth Street Store"[1][2] and later Walker's, and finally Milliron's. It was located at the southwest corner of Fifth and Broadway.

The company replaced the building with a new eight-story store completed in 1924. From 1925 the store began to advertise as Walkers — co-founder Ralf (R. M.) Walker would later found what would be San Diego's largest department store chain, Walker Scott. In 1946 it changed its name to Milliron's. The Broadway Department Store purchased the store in 1950 and closed it in 1956, when Ohrbach's opened a branch there. Ohrbach's sold the building in 1959.[3]The building still exists and consists of loft condominium (Shybary Grand Lofts, 312 W. Fifth St.) with retail on the ground floor.[4]

Walker's Long Beach[edit]

Former Walker's Downtown Long Beach store

Walkers/Walker's opened their first branch store in Downtown Long Beach at 4th and Pine - Pine being the main shopping artery - in 1933. Meyer and Holler designed the 1928 art deco building.[5] In 1952, they spent $300,000 to expand to 132,000 sq. ft., adding 5 escalators, more than the total number of escalators in Long Beach at the time. Walker's Long Beach opened a second Long Beach store at Los Altos Center in 1954 which it sold to The Broadway shortly thereafter in 1956.[6][7] Walker's sold its Downtown Long Beach store in 1960, but it continued to operate as Walker's until 1978.

Walker-Scott San Diego[edit]

Walker's opened a branch store in Downtown San Diego in 1935, which separated in the early 1950s and became Walker Scott.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]

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