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Walker Motor Car Company
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The Walker Motor Car Company was active from 1905 to 1906[1] in Detroit, Michigan.[2]


The company was located at 107 East Fort Street in Detroit, Michigan.[1]

The 1906 Roadster or Runabout Model B, priced at US$600 (originally priced at US$550), was the only vehicle the company built. It had room for two passengers and was described as "artistic in appearance" in an advertisement in a national trade magazine. The company noted that "while this is our first season with this style of car, we have had years of experience in the construction of gasoline motors and can frankly say that no machine of this class has fewer parts.[2]

The car was equipped with a double opposed under the hood 2-cylinder engine of 101 cubic inches that developed 10-horsepower. It was capable of a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). Final drive was a direct shaft drive with a transmission of two speeds forward and reverse. Other features included tiller steering, artillery wheels, brass lamps and 3-inch (76 mm)-wide "clincher" tires.[1]


Walker Motor Car Co. of Detroit, Michigan - 1906


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