Walker Creek (Apache County, Arizona)

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Walker Creek is a stream in Apache County, Arizona. Its mouth is at an elevation of 4,688 feet / 1,429 meters at its confluence with Chinle Creek. Its source is located at 36°41′28″N 109°15′04″W / 36.69111°N 109.25111°W / 36.69111; -109.25111, the confluence of Alcove Canyon and Tah Chin Lini Canyon in the Carrizo Mountains, from which it flows west and northwest to Chinle Creek at 36°57′42″N 109°41′35″W / 36.96167°N 109.69306°W / 36.96167; -109.69306Coordinates: 36°57′42″N 109°41′35″W / 36.96167°N 109.69306°W / 36.96167; -109.69306.[1] Hogansaani Spring, a tributary, is located on the south side of Walker Creek, at an elevation of 5,102 feet (1,555 m), midway downstream Walker Creek to its confluence with Chinle Creek.[2]


Walker Creek was named in 1915 by Herbert E. Gregory for Captain Walker's Expedition of 1859.[1] Part of its length was followed by the Armijo Route of the Old Spanish Trail.