Walker Lake (Northwest Arctic, Alaska)

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Walker Lake
Walker Lake NPS.jpg
Location Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska, United States
Coordinates 67°07′36″N 154°21′47″W / 67.12667°N 154.36306°W / 67.12667; -154.36306 (Walker Lake (Northwest Arctic))Coordinates: 67°07′36″N 154°21′47″W / 67.12667°N 154.36306°W / 67.12667; -154.36306 (Walker Lake (Northwest Arctic))[1]
Primary outflows Kobuk River
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 679 feet (207 m)[1]
Designated 1968

Walker Lake is the source of the Kobuk River in northwestern Alaska (emptying into Kotzebue Sound). The lake is located near the easternmost part of Northwest Arctic Borough, deep in the remote interior of northern Alaska. Explored during an expedition led by John C. Cantwell in 1885, under the authority of the Revenue Marine. Also known as "Big Fish Lake", Inupiaq legend in the area told of giant, ferocious fish that inhabited the waters. An attempt by a native with the Cantwell expedition to catch one of these giant fish involved a hook made of an entire set of reindeer antlers baited with a whole goose.


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