Walker River Indian Reservation

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Walker River Paiute Reservation with different boundaries.

The Walker River Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation located in central Nevada in the United States. It is located along the Walker River between Yerington and Walker Lake. At the current lake level, the reservation has only a small frontage on Walker Lake. The bulk of the reservation (72.68%) is in Mineral County; however portions are in Lyon County (14.37%) and Churchill County (12.95%).

The reservation's land area is 529.970 square miles (1,372.616 km²) and a population of 853 persons was reported at the 2000 census. Schurz is the only town on the reservation. Weber Reservoir, an impoundment of the Walker River, is located upstream of Schurz and provides irrigation water for farms on the reservation. Most of the reservation is cattle range.

The reservation belongs to the Walker River Paiute Tribe, a federally recognized tribe of Northern Paiute people. Their Paiute name is Agai-Ticutta. The English translation means "Trout Eaters."

Wovoka, creator of the Ghost Dance, is buried in Schurz.


Coordinates: 38°59′49″N 118°42′40″W / 38.99694°N 118.71111°W / 38.99694; -118.71111