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Walking Street is a red-light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand.[1]

It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the night life. The area includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discothèques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs.[2]

Walking Street runs from the south end of Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier. A large video sign was erected in March 2010 at the Beach Road entrance, replacing an earlier metal arch, and a small arch adorns the Bali Hai entrance.[citation needed]

The area is closed to vehicles from 18:00 to 02:00, and car parking is provided at the Bali Hai end. It is illuminated at night by many colored neon signs. The closing time of 02:00 has been extended for many entertainment establishments.[citation needed]



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