Walking Tall: The Payback

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Walking Tall: The Payback
Walking Tall- The Payback.jpg
Directed by Tripp Reed
Produced by Alison Semenza
Written by Joe Halpin
Brian Strasmann
Starring Kevin Sorbo
Haley Ramm
Music by David Wurst
Eric Wurst
Cinematography Jas Shelton
Edited by Vanick Moradian
Andrew Stevens Entertainment
Walking Tall Productions
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release dates
  • February 13, 2007 (2007-02-13)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $880,000

Walking Tall: The Payback is a 2007 action-thriller film directed by Tripp Reed and stars Kevin Sorbo and Haley Ramm.


The direct-to-video stand-alone sequel to 2004's Walking Tall (starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), the main character's name is Nick Prescott, unlike the original's Buford Pusser or the remake's Chris Vaughn.


This time, the plot focuses on a local hero who takes justice into his own hands. Ex military Nick (Kevin Sorbo) returns to his hometown. His father, the sheriff, tries to stand up against a brutal gang of ruthless criminals who intimidate and blackmail the people to sell them their business. He then is killed by the gang's leader Harvey Morris.

With the help of a FBI agent and a few old friends, Nick himself becomes sheriff, then vows to do everything in his power to destroy the gang and their ruthless leader, and win back his city. Eventually he shoots Morris and his gang.



There was some controversy before this film's release, as Dwana Pusser (daughter of Buford Pusser) released a statement on her website condemning this movie and its upcoming sequel, saying "I have read the scripts and they are very vulgar.[1] As a Christian woman I am very upset with the direction the movies have taken."[2]


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