Walking on a Rainbow

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Walking on a Rainbow
Studio album by Blue System
Released 2 November 1987
Genre Synthpop
Length 37:47
Label Hansa Records
Producer Dieter Bohlen
Luis Rodriguez
Blue System chronology
Walking on a Rainbow
Body Heat
(1988)Body Heat1988

Walking on a Rainbow is a debut album by group Blue System, released on 2 November 1987. Sorry Little Sarah is the only single released from this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gangster Love" (Maxi Version) – 4:24
  2. "Sorry Little Sarah" (Maxi Version) – 5:12
  3. "She's a Lady" (Maxi Version) – 4:59
  4. "Voodoo Nights" – 3:23
  5. "Love Me More" (Maxi Version) – 4:57
  6. "Emanuelle" (Maxi Version) – 4:19
  7. "Big Boys Don't Cry" (Maxi Version) – 5:05
  8. "G.T.O." – 3:28


  • Music and Lyrics: Dieter Bohlen
  • Producer: Dieter Bohlen / Co-Producer: Luis Rodriguez
  • Track 1 contains samples by Kirk, Spock and Uhura from Star Trek TOS Episodes "Turnabout Intruder" and "Balance of Terror"
  • Track 3 contains samples by Spock saying "Most illogical" from Star Trek TOS Episode "The Galileo Seven"

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