Walking the Edge

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Walking the Edge
Walking the Edge 1983 poster.jpg
1983 Theatrical Poster
Directed by Norbert Meisel
Produced by Sergei Goncharoff
Written by Curt Allen
Starring Robert Forster
Nancy Kwan
Joe Spinell
A Martinez
James McIntire
Wayne Woodson
Luis Contreras
Russ Courtney
Music by Jay Chattaway
Edited by Warren Chadwick
Distributed by Empire Pictures
Release date
  • January 11, 1985 (1985-01-11)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Walking the Edge is a 1985 crime film and action film written by Curt Allen and directed by Norbert Meisel. It stars Robert Forster, Nancy Kwan, Joe Spinell, A Martinez, James McIntire, Wayne Woodson, Luis Contreras.


In the opening scene, a criminal gang led by Brusstar (Joe Spinell) enters a home with the intention of killing a man. A housewife, Christine (Nancy Kwan), survives the hit that kills her husband and young son. Shocked, she discovers that her upstanding citizen of a husband (played by Phil H. Fravel) was a drug dealer. She decides to take revenge on the criminal gang that has murdered her husband and son.

A "down on his luck" L.A. taxi driver and numbers runner, Jason Walk (Robert Forster) unwittingly becomes involved.[1] He helps her in her quest to survive and take revenge on the people who murdered her family.[2]


The film was released on videocassette in 1985 by Vestron Video. Afterwards, Anchor Bay released the film onto DVD in 2000. The DVD contained a commentary by director Norbert Meisel and stars Nancy Kwan and Robert Forster. The DVD has now been discontinued and as of May 24, 2010, no plans have been made to re-release the film onto DVD.


  • Robert Forster .... Jason Walk
  • Nancy Kwan .... Christine Holloway
  • Joe Spinell .... Brusstar
  • A Martinez .... Tony
  • James McIntire .... Jimmy
  • Wayne Woodson .... McKee
  • Doug Toby .... Danny Holloway
  • Phil H. Fravel .... Jerry Holloway
  • Luis Contreras .... Jesus
  • Terrence Beasor .... Gambler Bob
  • Bernard Erhard .... Fat Man
  • Jim Fitzpatrick .... Fat Man's Bodyguard (as James Fitzpatrick)
  • Ivy Bethune .... Mrs. Johnson
  • Jacqueline Giroux .... Linda (as Jackie Giroux)
  • Aarika Wells .... Julia
  • Howard Honig .... Ron
  • Frankie Hill .... Delia
  • Russ Courtney .... Leon
  • Jerry Jones ... Gabby
  • Leonard D'John .... Mickey
  • Peter Pan ... Chinese Herbalist
  • Jamie V. Arias .... Tango Man
  • Rosa M. Torres .... Tango Woman
  • Stan Kamber .... Punk Rock Bartender
  • Falling Idols ...... Punk Band


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