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Walks of Italy
Travel Services, Italy
Industry Travel
Founded 2008
Founder Jason Spiehler
Headquarters Lafayette, LA and Rome, Italy
Area served
Website walksofitaly.com

Walks of Italy is an American-owned and operated walking tour company specializing in Italy. It was founded in 2008 by Jason Spiehler, tour guide and art historian with a Master's degree from Yale in historical theology, and recommended by name in the New York Times travel section[1] Jason and his organization have been featured in the Rick Steves guidebook series (esteemed writer of America's top-selling[2] Europe guidebooks and a travel writer for CNN[3]) on Rome, Italy & Best of Europe since 2009.[4][5][6] It was noted as a walking tour worth watching after its appearance at the 2010 Las Vegas Luxury Travel Expo.[7] The company offers an array of walking tours in the major tourist areas in Italy, as well as several off-the-beaten-path tours.

In April 2011, Walks of Italy worked in partnership with Showtime's "The Borgias" television series to provide a grand prize sweepstakes winner a Borgia family-themed tour of Rome, custom-made for the show's viewers.[8]


Walks of Italy provides historical and thematic full-day and half-day walking tours of important Italian tourist destinations, specifically areas significant to Italian and Roman art history, archaeology, culture, history and antiquity. They specialize in small group and private walking tours, and operate 12 months a year. Tours meet at several central locations in major Italian cities and range between two to seven hours long. The guides are selected by Jason Spiehler and are a mixture of local Italian guides and expert foreign expatriates. They are featured within the Top 25 "attractions" for Rome on independent aggregate review site Tripadvisor.com [9]

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