Wall Street Cowboy

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Wall Street Cowboy
Wall Street Cowboy.jpg
Directed byJoseph Kane
Written byGerald Geraghty (screenplay)
Norman S. Hall (screenplay)
Doris Schroeder (story)
StarringRoy Rogers
Edited byLester Orlebeck
Distributed byRepublic Pictures
Release date
August 6, 1939
Running time
66 minutes
54 minutes
CountryUnited States

Wall Street Cowboy is a 1939 American film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers.[1]


Wall Street stock marketeers try to swindle Roy Rogers out of his ranch, when a valuable mineral is discovered on the property, which the villains plan to use for their steel-mining activities. Unable to pay his mortgage thanks to a crooked financier (Ivan Miller), Roy and his friends ride east to stop the Wall Street crooks.


Critical reception[edit]

Leonard Maltin wrote, "engaging Western with two sidekicks (Hayes and Hatton) touches upon Depression-era subjects of corrupt banking institutions and foreclosures; fun to watch Roy riding in a steeplechase and singing in a nightclub (wearing a coat and tie)";[2] and Dennis Schwartz wrote, "this Roy Rogers film had an undeserved bad reputation. I actually found it to be one of his better B Westerns, it was at least up to par with the typical Rogers action-packed oater except that the singing cowboy only sang a few songs. It uses the present as its setting. Joseph Kane ("The Arizona Kid"/"Jesse James at Bay"/"Frontier Pony Express") directs in his usual credible fashion and it's ably written by Gerald Geraghty and Norman S. Hall."[3]


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