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The Wall Street Journal Economic Survey, also known as the Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting Survey, could refer to either the monthly or the semi-annual survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal of over 50 economists on important indicators of the economy of the United States.[1][2]


Records of the monthly survey on the Wall Street Journal website go back to December 2002[1] and records of the semianuual survey range between the years 2003 and 2007.[2] However, the survey dates back to at least 1986.[3][4]


Academic reception[edit]

The Wall Street Journal Economic Survey has been cited and used in some academic research on forecast accuracy and the nature of expectations.[4][5]

Reception in the financial press and blogs[edit]

Forecasts made in the Wall Street Journal Economic Survey are often discussed by other financial press and blog articles.[6][7][8]

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