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Wall Street Ren
Formation 2003
Type Non-Profit
  • New York City
Website www.wsren.org

The Wall Street Ren (Ren means professional in Chinese) is a non-profit and non-partisan group of Chinese Wall Street professionals. WSR is a non-profit in the United States, and had 412 members in 2006.[1] More than 75% are managing directors, partners, and chiefs in various firms on Wall Street.


According to the WSR website, their mission is "to be... a resource for all people and groups seeking to expand their knowledge of the state of financial relations between the U.S. and China", while "striv[ing] to bridge the gap between theory and practice, encouraging China’s continued integration into the global financial market". Composed largely of academics and professionals, WSR states diversity of its members as one of its primary goals, with a requirement that they are all involved with the financial sector in one form or another.[2] They bring speakers from many different sectors to their events, and bring together policy makers and industry leaders for roundtable-style discussions.[3]

Educational Program[edit]


Wall Street Ren's education program seeks to expand teaching and learning about China. This program presents research findings and analysis in order to improve understanding of China and its financial market in the United States.

According to a 2007 Committee of 100 poll conducted in China and the United States, Americans and Chinese wish to learn from each other, while recognizing the potential for mutual benefit; both American and Chinese businessmen share an “optimistic outlook on China’s economic future”.[4]

With recent emphasis on China-U.S. relations, the economic climate calls for such a program that will allow for a better understanding on how to maintain and further these harmonious relations. WSR works to acquaint the American people and their financial leaders with the changing face of Greater China, showing how the two can work together to improve the financial world and open the Chinese capital markets. The defining maxim of their educational program is listed as "a more open China is a more successful world".

Business Program[edit]

The goal of the Business Program at Wall Street Ren is to broaden understanding of the dynamic U.S.-China business relationship. The WSR's Business Programs department organizes programs throughout the United States and China including:

  • Conferences
  • Panel Discussions
  • Briefings
  • Symposia
  • Study missions

All of these bring together and create an extraordinary community of policymakers, corporate executives, nongovernmental organization (NGO) leaders, scholars and the media to respond to fast-breaking events and important trends in China.



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  • George Yuan: Economies and Variational Inequalities
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  • Steven Zhu. Counterparty Credit Risk Modeling
  • Wai Lee. Theory & Meth Of Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Steven Zhu. The Basel Handbook (2nd Edition)
  • XiongWei Ju. Innovations in Risk Management, Chapter 8
  • Wai Lee. Harvard Business Online
  • "Annual_Report"


Each year members of Wall Street Ren are recognized and awarded for innovative deals and policy and continued excellence in a particular business or academic sector. Several different criteria are used to assess the nominees, focusing largely on peer review as well as personal standing. WSR makes it possible for each and every member to be able to achieve his or her goals and receive the much-deserved recognition.


WSR’s culture encourages the merger of entrepreneurship with public service. As a non-profit organization, WSR not only engages its professionals to participate in numerous activities to promote cross-continental communication, but also connects them with leading philanthropy organizations in China.

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