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Wallace E. Oates (March 21, 1937 – October 30, 2015) was a Distinguished University Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland.[1]

He taught in the fields of public economics and environmental economics, and was considered a major international figure in both fields.[1] His first book was Fiscal Federalism (1972) and he authored numerous other books and articles, including The Theory of Environmental Policy (1975), coauthored with William J. Baumol. A Festschrift, Environmental and public economics : essays in honor of Wallace E. Oates, was published in his honor in 1999,[2] and an additional volume of his selected essays in 2004.[3] Another Festschrift, The Tiebout Model at fifty : essays in public economics in honor of Wallace Oates was published in his honor in 2006.[4]

He received his Ph.D. in economics at Stanford in 1965 and joined the faculty at Princeton University.[1] He began at the University of Maryland in 1979.[5]


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