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West's novelette "Outlaw Queen of Venus" was the cover story for the February 1944 issue of Fantastic Adventures
West's novelette "The Time-Lockers" was the cover story for the August 1956 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly

Wallace West ((1900-05-22)May 22, 1900 – (1980-03-08)March 8, 1980) was an American science fiction writer.


He was born in 1900.

He began publishing during 1927 with the story "Loup-Garou" in Weird Tales. The majority of West's work, which was published prior to the 1960s, was short fiction. His few novels, mostly published after World War II, were mostly re-workings of his pre-war short fiction.

He is credited with suggesting the plot to the Arch Oboler radio play Profits Unlimited (in Fourteen Radio Plays. Random House 1940).


Film history[edit]

  • Alice in Wonderland (1934)
  • Betty Boop in Snow-White (1934)
  • Paramount Newsreel Men with Admiral Byrd in Little America (1934)


  • The Bird of Time (1959)
  • Lords of Atlantis (1960)
  • The Memory Bank (1962)
  • River of Time (1963)
  • The Time-Lockers (1964)
  • The Everlasting Exiles (1967)

Short stories[edit]


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