Wallace Wolodarsky

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Wallace Wolodarsky
Other namesWally Wolodarsky
OccupationScreenwriter, actor, film director, producer
Years active1989-present
Spouse(s)Maya Forbes

Wallace Wolodarsky, also billed as Wally Wolodarsky, is an American actor, screenwriter, television producer and film director known for being one of the screenwriters for The Simpsons during the first four seasons with his writing partner Jay Kogen.


As an actor, he has roles in Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited and is a voice actor in Fantastic Mr. Fox and A Dog's Purpose.

Personal life[edit]

His wife, Maya Forbes, is the sister of singer China Forbes.[1][2]

Wolodarsky is Jewish.[3]

Credited works[edit]

The Simpsons episodes[edit]

He has co-written the following Simpsons episodes:

The recurring Simpsons character Otto Mann was modeled on Wolodarsky's appearance.[4]



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