Wallasey Dock

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Wallasey Dock
Wallasey Dock Impounding Station - geograph.org.uk - 630927.jpg
Wallasey Dock Impounding Station
Location Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Coordinates 53°24′06″N 3°01′04″W / 53.40167°N 3.01778°W / 53.40167; -3.01778
Opened 1877
Owner Peel Holdings

The Wallasey Dock, was a dock at Birkenhead, Wirral Peninsula, England. It opened in 1877, replacing the Great Low Water Basin, which had opened directly onto the River Mersey to the east. Situated between Alfred Dock to the north and Morpeth Dock to the south, access to the river was westwards through the Great Float.

In 2001, Wallasey Dock was filled to provide space for a vehicle park at the new Twelve Quays roll on-roll off ferry terminal nearby.

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