Wallatani Lake

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Location Bolivia,
La Paz Department, Inquisivi Province, Quime Municipality
Coordinates 17°1′S 67°21′W / 17.017°S 67.350°W / -17.017; -67.350Coordinates: 17°1′S 67°21′W / 17.017°S 67.350°W / -17.017; -67.350
Type Mountain lake
Surface elevation 4,939 m (16,204 ft)[1]

Wallatani (Aymara wallata snow ball, snow lump / Andean goose,[2][3] -ni a suffix to indicate ownership, "the one with a snow ball", "the one with a snow lump" or "the one with the Andean goose", hispanicized spelling Huallatani) is a lake in the Bolivian Andes situated in the southern section of the Cordillera Kimsa Cruz. It is situated 4,939 m high at the foot of the mountains Wallatani[4] and San Luis (5,620 m), near Jach'a Khunu Qullu and Wayna Khunu Qullu[5] in the La Paz Department, Inquisivi Province, Quime Municipality.[6]

It is the highest body of water on which anyone has ever sailed, after Peter Williams, Brian Barrett, Gordon Siddeley and Keith Robinson did so on November 19th 1977. [7]

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