Wallilabou River

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View of river with craters in background. Craters are the result of interaction of the river water or ground water with hot ash. The hot ash is the deposit of nuée ardentes. 30 May 1902.

The Wallilabou River is a river in the northwest of Saint Vincent. It rises in the Grand Bonhomme Mountains in the centre of the island and flows Northwest to reach the Caribbean Sea North of Barroulie.The Wallilabou Falls-a tourist attraction-is located on this river, a short walk Northeast along the Leeward Highway. Several of the scenes from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl were filmed close to the mouth of the river.


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Coordinates: 13°15′56″N 61°15′32″W / 13.26556°N 61.25889°W / 13.26556; -61.25889

St Vincent and the Grenadines Department of Surveys topographical map SERIES:E803(DOS317)SHEET:St Vincent North, EDITION: 6-DOS 1983 UTM, Scale:1:25000