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Industry Point of sale
Headquarters Vejle, Denmark
Website www.wallmob.com

WALLMOB A/S is a company from Denmark, which primarily focuses on Point of Sale systems, in a new perspective. They share very few similarities to POS Suppliers from the rest of the world, being less conventional.

Multichannel competition has increased, and changes in the behavior of the customers have created a need for redeveloping the Point of Sale. WALLMOB's POS, has been build on a new platform, which has been developed to meet demands from businesses, so they can optimize their sales and earnings, and in continuation, improve the experience which the customers have when shopping, while bettering the customer loyalty. Furthermore, the WALLMOB POS, has numerous payment methods, such has numerous wallets, mobile payments, apps and e-Commerce.[1]

History of Wallmob[edit]

WALLMOB was founded by senior executives from the retail and IT industries in 2012. They joined forces in a common mission; to develop a POS that meets new market standards. WALLMOB was funded by Venture Kapital ApS in 2012 and now tries to expand overseas, after the company raies $1.2 million.[2][3]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • The Best Designs - 26 August 2013[4]
  • Site of the Week - 30 August 2013[5]
  • Best Web Gallery - 30 August 2013[6]


A list of Wallmob's clients[7]