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Walls of Tallinn (Tallinn City Wall)
Native name
Estonian: Tallinna linnamüür
Tornide väljak 2014.jpg
Tallinn City Wall
LocationTallinn, Estonia
Founded13th century
Built forDefense for the City of Tallinn
Architectural style(s)Medieval city wall
Official name: Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn
Criteriaii, iv
Designated1997 (21st session)
Reference no.822

The Walls of Tallinn are the medieval defensive walls constructed around the city of Tallinn in Estonia.


The first wall around Tallinn was ordered to be constructed by Margaret Sambiria in 1265 and for that reason, it was known as the Margaret Wall. This wall was less than 5 metres (16 ft) tall and about 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) thick at its base.[1] Since that time it has been enlarged and strengthened. The walls and the many gates are still largely extant today. This is one of the reasons that Tallinn's old town became a World Heritage Site. The walls were enlarged in the fourteenth century, and citizens of Tallinn were required to turn out for guard duty, which meant to wear their armour and demonstrate their readiness to face off invaders.[2]

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Objects in the city wall[edit]

Name Image Notes Location Coordinates
Long Leg Gate Tower
(Pika jala väravatorn)
Pikk jalg tower.jpg Pikk jalg 59°26′15.87″N 24°44′34.33″E / 59.4377417°N 24.7428694°E / 59.4377417; 24.7428694 (Pika jala väravatorn)
Tower behind Almshouse
(Seegitagune torn)
destroyed Nunne
Tower behind Sauna
(Saunatagune torn)
Tallinn - Saunatagune Tower.jpg partially extant Nunne 9
Nun's Gate
Buddeus Nunnevärav.jpg Demolished in 1868. Nunne
Nun's Tower
Plaza de la Torre, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 16.JPG Väike-Kloostri 1 59°26′21.41″N 24°44′32.55″E / 59.4392806°N 24.7423750°E / 59.4392806; 24.7423750 (Nunnatorn)
Monastery Gate
Plaza de la Torre, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 32.JPG end of 19th century Suur-Kloostri 59°26′22.01″N 24°44′32.51″E / 59.4394472°N 24.7423639°E / 59.4394472; 24.7423639 (Kloostrivärav)
Sauna Tower
Saunatorn, 23. juuli 2011.jpg Suur-Kloostri 18 59°26′22.63″N 24°44′32.49″E / 59.4396194°N 24.7423583°E / 59.4396194; 24.7423583 (Saunatorn)
Golden Leg Tower
(Kuldjala torn)
Tallinn Town Wall Mai 2008 2.jpg Gümnaasiumi 3 59°26′24.11″N 24°44′33.25″E / 59.4400306°N 24.7425694°E / 59.4400306; 24.7425694 (Kuldjala torn)
Tower behind Nuns
(Nunnadetagune torn)
Plaza de la Torre, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 30.JPG Kooli 1/3 59°26′25.39″N 24°44′34.27″E / 59.4403861°N 24.7428528°E / 59.4403861; 24.7428528 (Nunnadetagune torn)
Loewenschede Tower
(Loewenschede torn)
Plaza de la Torre, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 10.JPG Kooli 7 59°26′26.18″N 24°44′35.99″E / 59.4406056°N 24.7433306°E / 59.4406056; 24.7433306 (Loewenschede torn)
Lippe Tower
(Lippe torn)
destroyed Kooli 9
passage beside Lippe Tower Kaarkäik linnamüüris Lippe torni kõrval.JPG Built 1933 Laboratooriumi 21 59°26′26.5″N 24°44′38.85″E / 59.440694°N 24.7441250°E / 59.440694; 24.7441250 (passage)
Rope Hill Tower
(Köismäe torn)
All-linna kindlustused7.JPG Laboratooriumi 27 59°26′27.4″N 24°44′41.67″E / 59.440944°N 24.7449083°E / 59.440944; 24.7449083 (Köismäe torn)
breakthrough of Suurtüki street Tallin city wall.jpg 19th century Suurtüki 59°26′28.24″N 24°44′43.48″E / 59.4411778°N 24.7454111°E / 59.4411778; 24.7454111 (breakthrough)
Plate Tower
(Plate torn)
Plate torn 2011-05-21.JPG Laboratooriumi 29 59°26′28.63″N 24°44′43.98″E / 59.4412861°N 24.7455500°E / 59.4412861; 24.7455500 (Plate torn)
Epping Tower
(Eppingi torn)
Eppingi torn 2010-02-01.JPG Laboratooriumi 31 59°26′29.82″N 24°44′46.2″E / 59.4416167°N 24.746167°E / 59.4416167; 24.746167 (Eppingi torn)
Tower behind Grusbeke
(Grusbeke-tagune torn)
Grusbeke-tagune torn 2010-08-11.JPG Laboratooriumi 33 59°26′31.22″N 24°44′48.62″E / 59.4420056°N 24.7468389°E / 59.4420056; 24.7468389 (Grusbeke-tagune torn)
Renten Tower
(Renteni torn)
Renteni torn.jpg lower part extant inside a later building Lai 49
Tower behind Wulfard
(Wulfardi-tagune torn)
Tallinn - Wulfgardi-tagune Tower.jpg lower part extant Tolli 4 59°26′32.3″N 24°44′53.97″E / 59.442306°N 24.7483250°E / 59.442306; 24.7483250 (Wulfgardi-tagune torn)}
Great Coastal Gate
(Suur Rannavärav)
Tallinn old town gate.jpg Pikk 70 59°26′33.23″N 24°44′57.44″E / 59.4425639°N 24.7492889°E / 59.4425639; 24.7492889 (Suur Rannavärav)
Fat Margaret
(Paks Margareeta)
Fat Margrets Cannon Tower.jpg Pikk 70 59°26′33.3″N 24°44′58.72″E / 59.442583°N 24.7496444°E / 59.442583; 24.7496444 (Paks Margareeta)
Stolting Tower
(Stoltingi torn)
Stoltingi torn 2013.jpg Pikk 68 59°26′31.78″N 24°44′58.62″E / 59.4421611°N 24.7496167°E / 59.4421611; 24.7496167 (Stoltingi torn)}
Tower behind Hattorpe
(Hattorpe-tagune torn)
Hattorpe-tagune torn.JPG Pikk 62 59°26′29.5″N 24°44′57.6″E / 59.441528°N 24.749333°E / 59.441528; 24.749333 (Hattorpe-tagune torn)
tower near the former Russian church destroyed Sulevimägi
Small Coastal Gate
(Väike Rannavärav)
Bremen Tower
(Bremeni torn)
Bremeni torn 20081212 by Ahsoous.jpg Vene 28 59°26′21.86″N 24°44′57″E / 59.4394056°N 24.74917°E / 59.4394056; 24.74917 (Bremeni torn)
Bremen Passage
(Bremeni käik)
Bremeni käik.JPG 19th century Bremeni käik 59°26′21.54″N 24°44′57.15″E / 59.4393167°N 24.7492083°E / 59.4393167; 24.7492083 (Bremeni käik)
Tower behind Monks
(Munkadetagune torn)
Munkadetagune torn 2011-05-21.JPG Müürivahe 58 59°26′18.46″N 24°44′58.89″E / 59.4384611°N 24.7496917°E / 59.4384611; 24.7496917 (Munkadetagune torn)
Helleman Tower
(Hellemani torn)
Calle Uus, Tallin, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 07.jpg Müürivahe 48 / Uus 1 59°26′15.15″N 24°44′59.82″E / 59.4375417°N 24.7499500°E / 59.4375417; 24.7499500 (Hellemanni torn)
Viru Gate
(Viru värav)
Viru Gate 1.jpg Viru 59°26′11.87″N 24°45′1.31″E / 59.4366306°N 24.7503639°E / 59.4366306; 24.7503639 (Viru värav)
Hinke Tower
(Hinke torn)
Tallinn, vez.jpg Pärnu mnt 2 / Müürivahe 32 59°26′9.55″N 24°44′57.98″E / 59.4359861°N 24.7494389°E / 59.4359861; 24.7494389 (Hinke torn)
Düvelsmoder Tower / Devil's Mother's Tower
(Düvelsmoderi torn / Kuradiema torn)
C Buddeus Kuradiema torn.jpg demolished in 1882 Väike-Karja/Müürivahe
Lurenburg Artillery Tower
(Lurenburgi suurtükitorn)
Built 1538–1554, demolished in 1767 during the expansion of the bastion systems. Pärnu mnt 7
Cattle Gate
Built 1456, demolished in 1849 to widen the streets. Was used to transport cattle between the city and pastures.
Assauwe Tower
(Assauwe torn)
Assauwe torn Myyrivahe tänaval, vaade Harju tänava poolt, 8. august 2011.jpg Müürivahe 12 59°26′5.61″N 24°44′43.33″E / 59.4348917°N 24.7453694°E / 59.4348917; 24.7453694 (Assauwe torn)
Harju Gate
(Harju värav)
Harju värav, 1863.JPG
The main gate after the demolition of the front gates.
Mentioned in 1361, 1448–1453 the second front gate was built. In 1862 the front gates were demolished and in 1875 the main gate. Harju 59°26′4.74″N 24°44′37.53″E / 59.4346500°N 24.7437583°E / 59.4346500; 24.7437583 (Harju värav)
Goat Tower
Kiek in de Kök Kiek in de kök 3015.jpg Komandandi tee 2 59°26′5.14″N 24°44′29″E / 59.4347611°N 24.74139°E / 59.4347611; 24.74139 (Kiek in de Kök)
Maiden's Tower
Neitsitorn, Tallinn.JPG Lossi plats 11 / Lühike jalg 9A 59°26′6.8″N 24°44′27.51″E / 59.435222°N 24.7409750°E / 59.435222; 24.7409750 (Neitsitorn)
Stable Tower
OldCity GuardTowerPark.JPG Lossi plats 11 / Lühike jalg 9A 59°26′8.43″N 24°44′26.91″E / 59.4356750°N 24.7408083°E / 59.4356750; 24.7408083 (Tallitorn)
breakthrough from Toompea to Danish King's Garden Värav linnamüüris Taani kuninga aeda.JPG Lühike jalg 59°26′8.9″N 24°44′27.14″E / 59.435806°N 24.7408722°E / 59.435806; 24.7408722 (breakthrough)
Short Leg Gate Tower
(Lühikese jala väravatorn)
Lühikese Jala väravatorn.JPG Lühike jalg 9 59°26′10.01″N 24°44′28.15″E / 59.4361139°N 24.7411528°E / 59.4361139; 24.7411528 (Lühikese jala väravatorn)
Dome Gate
C Buddeus Toomvärav.jpg demolished in 1860.


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