Wally Burr

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Wally Burr
Born Walter S. Burr
Other names Walter Burr
Occupation Television director, voice director, voice actor
Years active 1950-
Website http://www.wallyburr.com/

Walter S. Burr, also credited as Wally Burr and Walter Burr, is an American voice actor and director.[1]

As the voice director for Transformers: Generation 1 and The Transformers: The Movie, Burr was known for his perfectionist recording sessions. Allegedly, they were such exhausting, voice-straining experiences that Michael Bell jokingly blamed Burr as the cause of Orson Welles's death.

He voice directed several other cartoons during the 1980s, such as G.I. Joe, Jem, Inspector Gadget, and Spider-Man. Burr's vocal performances include The Atom on Superfriends, Harvey Gabor on Jem, and Huang Zhong in Dynasty Warriors, among others. He has also filled in roles for regular voice actors who were, at the time, unavailable for the recording session.


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